Communities thrive on fresh taps

This summer we launched fluidly communities: the heart of consumers’ fluidly experience.

Fluidly is a symbiotic marriage between beer businesses and beer enthusiasts. Over this year we’ve explored several communities to the market needs and opportunities for this software. The industry standard is helping businesses market their beer. We’ve observed two differences. Either the community is large and competitive enough that businesses understand and use the free solution or the community uses mixed solutions because some businesses get locked into expensive one year contracts.

We also observed that smaller communities tend not keep their taps as current as the larger and more competitive markets. The one exception being the businesses locked into one year contracts, that feel compelled to keep up with the list because of the money they’ve dropped into the software.

Marketing is the standard. Fluidly differentiates by offering a feature rich marketing app for free: easy to update tap & list, advanced beer list, twitter and facebook tools, HTML beer list export, and an Android app (with an iOS around the corner). We then changed the game by bringing new business insights to a fast pace industry. We’re not forcing people to keep up their taps because they’re stuck in a one year contract. Alternatively, we work every day to encourage them to maintain their taps by giving them more features and more data, thereby understanding and improving their business. Marketing is the easy part.

Each community has two views: all businesses and all beer. In order to be listed a business should have at least one active beer and should have updated their list within the 30 days. If a business fails to update their list regularly, they will be removed from the community until they update their list again.

The all beer view is exactly that – a list of all the beer in all active businesses in that community. This was the functionality we always wanted – the ability to look into the community and see every beer, or that particular beer.

We are constantly working and improving the community page. We want to provide enthusiasts with the most accurate list possible. Next week we aim to launch an updated design that really stresses the most up to date lists. At the moment though, keep in mind, the businesses at the top of the business feed on the top of your app are the businesses with the freshest taps.

Check out Saint Louis’ Community page


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