Tracking your taps #bestpractice

Over the weekend we released our latest feature: naming taps. Just mouse over the tap name and you’ll be allowed to rename it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 1.33.28 AM.png

While it may seem simple, it’s really important. fluidly was designed to help you do the hard stuff – the memory, the marketing, and most importantly, the analytics. Our simple interface allows you to do this all with a few clicks, thereby saving you time and paperwork you may never compile, let alone analyze.

Your taps should represent your physical workspace. It’s becoming uncommon to find businesses with more than a dozen taps organized in a single, clean row. Some taps may be against the far wall. Another set in the bar…and then you have your casks.

Names help you track how each of tap is performing. We’re not aiming to just help you understand your beer. We want you to understand it within the context of the taps. Perhaps you will realize that your casks are very popular, but no one is drinking your nitros. Maybe the taps in front of the bar sell twice as fast as the ones against the back. Let’s start unlocking these insights.

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