Price & Servings

Fluidly lives for data. Both data we provide your team through your library or information we provide your customers through a digital beer list. We’ve added three fields to the modal that appears after you load a beer to help improve both of these experiences:

These fields are optional, however once input for a beer, they will be stored in your library. This data will auto populate from your library the next time you load that beer. If you update this information, you will then see the updated information the next time your team loads that beer.

If you add a vintage (year) to that beer, fluidly suggests any information that may be associated with that beer. However, if you edit the serving and/or price information for that vintage, the next time you load that vintage, fluidly will load that vintage’s unique information as default, rather than the most updated base beer information.

Access from your tap list
You team can access, add or edit this information on your existing taps by clicking the “More (three lines)” button on the top right of each tab and click the ‘Barrel Details’ link in the option list.

Display on your public tap list
You can display this information to your consumers on your public taps lists within Account Settings. To do so go to the Account link at the top right and select Settings. Then select the Preferences tab on the left, and check the Serving and/or the Price options.

You can see how serving and price displays on the tap list of our demo account:


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