What’s fluidly and why do I need it?

If you sell beer, you need fluidly.

Fluidly was designed to help you track your work. Your work obviously being beer-iented.

What do you know about the beer you sell? How do you promote it? Do you maintain a detailed beer menu, explaining each beer you carry, the breweries you support, and how the styles were carefully curated to compliment your food menu? Can your team recite the ABV, IBU and regions for every beer you sell?

Odds are you’re closer to this beer-ality than you’ve ever been – but you’re not there…yet. It seems your customers’ beer-ledge grows exponentially ever day and you could really use a tool to help you and your team keep pace with the industry.

Fluidly is here to help. We know a thing or two about the beer you sell. Our app helps you track and promote your beer on your social account. Our free account includes the above features, as well as an online catalog of all the beer you’ve carried (complete with style, descriptions, pics, ABV, IBU, brewery and region).

Get your business on board here: LINK


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